University of Lincoln welcomes new diabetes research team

Picture courtesy Paul Squires and Dr Claire Hills have just moved from the Warwick University Medical School to our School of Life Sciences, housed in the new multi-million pound state-of-the-art Joseph Banks Laboratories. Their joint research aims to better understand how people with diabetes can end up with diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease).

Professor Squires said: “The University of Lincoln has huge drive and aspirations in research and it is very exciting to be able to contribute to what can be achieved in the biomedical field. I am very keen to put something back into the community and have already invited the local Diabetes UK group to visit our laboratories. As an institution we are keen to develop that transitional link between science, clinicians and end users. The ethos of from bench to bedside is intrinsic to the University’s research philosophy.”

In the UK more than three million people have been diagnosed with diabetes, and with another million unaware that they have the disease there is a need to identify future bio-markers and realistic targets for intervention, especially because the number of sufferers is predicted to double by 2025.


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